Software updates

I started updating to the latest Apple software. Mostly it was OK. The iPad needed two tries and ultimately required a restore that brought back some old and deleted items. Apple mail on the MacBook pro wanted to resync the .me email (taking more than 3 hours). Music sync worked without a problem. I ordered the new iPhone 4s but didn’t get to my private mail box on time, resulting in my t-mobile number being transferred to Sprint before I was able to activate the iPhone. What’s a day without a phone? I’ll find out and let you know on Monday. There’s always Skype.

10.7.2 has a some changes and it seems that certain apps are not entirely compatible. I have noticed many more spinning beach ball moments since the update. All my applications claim to be up to date.

iOS 5 and iCloud are less than MobileMe in some important ways. It’s also more complex with three preference pane icons to do what one used to do.

iWork is confusing as and are not the same place. This means iWork apps on the MacBook pro are not synced and shared with their iOS counterparts.

I haven’t enabled photostream yet.

More to follow.