OS X Lion test

I did a small test today. I deleted my startup disk and booted to the Lion Recovery Partition. I re-installed Lion over the network. I did this from a Clear 4G modem. It took almost 4 hours, but the download succeeded without having to reboot or restart my connection. Lion installed without a problem. I am re-syncing my email account and iTunes music with iCloud. So far it’s OK. I am also downloading purchased apps from the Mac App Store and that seems to be working. Next will be a selective restore from a Time Machine Disk.

The test had two purposes. One: to see if it works as advertised. It does. Two: to try and fix a nagging performance issue. Some applications get the spinning beach ball when the startup. Sometimes for 15 seconds or more for applications that should load in a couple of seconds. It seems better so far, but I have only loaded a couple of my applications and have not yet added some of the extensions and other enhancements. We’ll see.