The askimet plugin for wordpress has identified 63 comments as spam in the past 24 hours. Do I believe the plugin or do I have to look at each comment?

Using the iOS WordPress App

This is a post from my iPad. It’s a bit limited for the kind of posts I usually write. Attaching an image is not very smooth but it does work.

Here’s a view of a side “street” in Venice.


continuing computer musing

I added back the set of Omnigroup applications that used to be my primary applications. OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, OmniFocus and for fun OmniWeb. I have a license for the earlier version of OmniPlan but haven’t upgraded yet. I only used it for two projects, so I don’t know if it’s worth upgrading.

I also added back Bare Bones BBEdit. I thought I could get by with text wrangler but I find myself reaching for html palette options only in BBEdit.

Lastly, I added MacRabbit Espresso for CSS editing to complete the setup.

more computer musing

I added back Cyberduck to my local computer. It’s really hard to manage network resources without a good local ftp client. Cyberduck also provides easy settings for several cloud storage services. I also installed MAMP again because it’s always convienent to be able to run a self contained web server. Both have free versions. MAMP Pro is a commercial license and Cyberduck encourages you to make a donation or buy it from the Mac App Store.

seeing myself as someone else or not

I am not sure what I look like or what I should look like or what “look like” means. It’s very confusing. Here’s an attempt at a self-portrait. I am on the phone looking out the window but it’s dark outside so I see my reflection. I try to get the camera to focus on my reflection which causes the blinds to be out of focus because that’s what we think a camera should do. My eyes actually keep all of it in focus. The photo is such a liar.

another day another day

Back in California. I haven’t taken any pictures yet. Still trying to decide how to publish from Aperture to WordPress. There’s no plugin or automatic connection between the two. I guess I should mention I transferred my photos from iPhoto to Aperture. The transfer was smooth. Faces moved over. It took about 4 hours to process thumbnails.