Rocks in my head

I was in the desert and took  pictures of a big pile of rocks. I like big piles of rocks. I imagined how glaciers from the last ice age could have made this big pile of rocks or perhaps they we part of an earlier tectonic shift that pushed them up from below? I am not sure. Then I tried to imagine how much I would enjoy making a big pile of rocks. Then I went home and though about it some more.

inflection or not…

Sometimes you think you are at the breaking point when in fact you are at the moment of a big reveal. This doesn’t make the moment good or bad or even about you, merely that no one can see the future.

what’s real time?

What does it mean when the real time system has a network communication error? Does real time stop? Does the network stop? How does it start again?

before, after or in between

This picture was taken just after a sun shower/hail storm and a few hours before a thunderstorm/hail storm. Is there anything during this in between that suggests the before or after?