what’s real time?

What does it mean when the real time system has a network communication error? Does real time stop? Does the network stop? How does it start again?

First weak impression after 10 days

Nothing really changed after I gave up my apartment. I  was already living in hotels. I need to keep my things better organized and my information needs to be secured in a digital locker. I have signed up for all the cloud storage offerings and will select one in the coming weeks. All records and related materials will be stored there. I wonder if a bank should be the entity to create the official data locker for legal and financial records or can a cloud storage provider do that job. What use would the bank have?

Partly cloudy

I am beginning to use my iPad as a primary input device. Unfortunately many of the cloud based services I use do not work and there isn’t a native iPad app for them.

Problems are:
Google docs and sites. The editing tools do not work correctly and I get errors when opening files especially when trying to use desktop top mode.

Microsoft skydrve will not let me create and edit documents.

On the plus side this wordpress iPad app seems to work, though there are no formatting options.